Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Rest, Rise, Grow App is Growing!

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing the new version of the app including the Grow Section!

We were already the best motivational alarm clock.  The Rest and Rise features help you get to sleep and wake up in a positive mood.  Now we are going to help you lead a positive more fulfilling life.  


It’s Time to Grow!  We added the most exciting part of the app yet!  The Grow Section!  It will help you improve your life by reminding you of your goals and helping you to achieve them. 

The grow section features the following:


-- Thankfulness – Take a moment to write down the things you are thankful for.  Research shows that gratitude positively affects brain chemistry and mood.


-- Daily Goals – Studies shows that your brain doesn’t know the difference between big wins and small wins.  Setting and achieving small goals will increase confidence and motivation.  Your brain gets used to winning, and you can grow to accomplish amazing things.  Do you know a student or family member who needs a little motivation?  Have them use the app for 30 days, and watch them change!


-- Written Affirmations – You’ve enjoyed listening to our uplifting and positive affirmations as you lie down to rest and when you rise up in the morning.  Now it’s time for the next step.  You write the affirmations and help your brain to lock them in to build a positive attitude.


-- Long Term Goals – Turn your dreams into reality.  Start by writing them down and making a plan.  You’ve been successful with your daily goals and developed good consistent habits.  Now it’s time to turn your new motivation to the future and set long term goals.  New career?  Finish college?  The world is yours to choose.


We also added a recommended books section with some of our favorite motivational and positive reading.  


Now included is an ‘emergency’ alarm as a backup for heavy sleepers.  After all the motivational affirmations and brightening of your phone, you now have the option to have a loud beep to make sure you are up.

How to Install the Affirmation Widget

Need help installing our affirmattion widget? Please click this link and follow the instructions: How To Install an Affirmation Widget from...